lawn feed

Products are derived from a few different types of brown kelp found worldwide. The two variations of Bull kelp are collected from storm cast.

One Product to Protect Plants and Soil

Tending a garden and nurturing a lawn typically takes much more than one protect. There is lawn feed, lawn fertiliser, plant food, pesticides, and weed killers. Not only are all those products expensive, they are harmful to the environment. Instead of providing nutrients for all that grows, the soil is depleted of nutrients and the ground water is getting contaminated as well.

Ditch the Chemicals

Harsh chemicals are not the way to a healthy lawn, delicious vegetables, or beautiful trees and flowers. Along with stripping away vitamins and minerals, toxic chemicals are killing the bees that pollenate flowers and blossoms of fruit trees and vegetable plants. They are also harmful to pets and wildlife. Healthy and inexpensive remedies and products provide viable alternatives to chemicals.

Weeds, for example, can be killed with a mixture of vinegar and water. Spray it on the weeds, which then wither in a day or two. Drastically reducing the amount of weeds is accomplished with cardboard placed around new plants, or with real wood mulch. Sand, pebbles, or a variety of decorative rock sizes will also inhibit weed growth. No chemicals are needed.


One organic fertiliser and soil conditioner protects plants from above and below the ground. Live compost components add macro nutrients to the soil to make it healthy and nutrient-rich. Microbes and amino acids from fish enhance root growth and enable plants to absorb more nutrients from the soil. These ingredients also protect plants in dry and hot conditions.

The product details for the PowerFeed line are available on the company website. There is an all-purpose mixture, a specific one for tomatoes and vegetables, and one for flower, fruits, and citrus. The liquid is available in a concentrate or in a convenient hose-on container. Above ground, the product protects plants from disease, extremely hot weather, and pest attacks.

Parent Company

The brand is manufactured by an Australian company that also makes liquid seaweed products for residential gardens and lawns, commercial growers, and export purposes. All products are certified organic and the seaweed is harvested using sustainable methods. Seasol details are interesting and also available on the website. The company has been in business for forty years and processes for manufacturing remain the same.

Save time and money by reducing the number of natural products required for a great looking lawn and healthy plants and vegetables that produce higher yields. Use simply household ingredients whenever possible and seek out organic products that serve more than one purpose. Enjoy a healthier yard with less time and effort required.